Community outreach programme: Community outreach programme serves two basic purposes, to provide useful and needful information to the society and to provide community services. All community outreach programme should reflect the needs and wants of the population to be served with a focus on its betterment.  Equipping the youth to face the challenges of globalization and privatization is the need of the hour.

We are living in a fast world where life is pushed to flux and flutter of crisis from all dimensions. Survival of the fastest is the new equation of life and hence individuals and families are grouping to find their anchor, goal, firmness etc. Fast changes in all area of our concern together with busy schedule and fast food culture definitely elevate the stress level causing chronic damage to health and wellness of individual. We cannot avoid such situations but we can buster the stress thus developed at community level by providing conducive atmosphere where people can share, contribute and enjoy.

Phapins community outreach programme targets community health and wellness, education, support services, community partnership programme, youth empowerment as the key area. Understanding community resources and then focus on it with an aim to improve the quality of life is the basic strategy of our operations.  Phapins aims at creating and fostering a spirit of understanding among the people through its various community outreach programmes.

Phapins Institute of Positive Health and Psychological solutions has successfully conducted several community outreach programmes at grass root level for women, adolescent children, scholastically challenged children, parents, couples, youths, social and community leaders.


Project management: In association with local bodies, clubs and other reputed social organization, Phapins would like to design, draft and execute specific goal oriented projects with an objective of positive social transformation. Project Management involves a set of skills, methods of planning, organizing, and managing the project from its inception to its successful completion. Most of our project focus on social up gradation with right intervention at right time and it outlines an objective, scope, resource, schedule, assumption, dependencies, risk management and change control plan.

Project Management involves planning, arranging resources, identifying the needs of the stake holders, design process, formulating project team, guiding the team in all phases up to its successful completion. Phapins utilizes the expertise of CIGI for project Integration  management,  scope management, time management, cost management, quality management, human resource management, communication management, risk management, procurement management etc. we strongly believe that a project plan should be user centered and should define best practices and methods for its successful completion.