Psychotherapy and counseling alleviates pain, suffering, stress, anxiety etc without medication.  Phapins specialty clinic for Psychotherapy & counseling provides psychological assessment, conselling and therapy for those suffering from Anxiety, Depression, Obsessive Compulsive disorder, Stress, Anger etc. and also provides pre and post Marital Conselling and Career Guidance etc..

We incorporate state of the art and well accepted Psychological testing tools for assessing ability, talents, stress, attitude, intelligence, competency skills, and personality. We utilizes neuropsychological evaluation for measuring memory, cognitive functioning, emotional and personality functioning, early cognitive impairment etc that perfect the assessment.

Psychological and neurophysiologic assessment of children helps in assessing the early cognitive impairment, developmental issues, intelligence, and personality.

Student Counselling/Group Counselling helps the student to develop proper study strategies through academic supporting programmes.

Learning Disability-Specialty Clinic

Learning Disorder can make it hard for a child to read, write or to do simple mathematics and they struggle for a long time before being diagnosed it.  The most common Learning disorder include

Dyslexia-Characterized by difficulty reading, spelling and recalling known words.

Dyscalculia- It is a Learning Disorder related to mathematic concept. The signs involve difficulty in solving simple mathematics problems or sequencing information or events.

Dysgraphia-Characterized by difficulty in handwriting, spelling, thinking and writing at same time.

Phapins LD specialty clinic is devoted to provide diagnostic services for scholastically challenged children and offer extensive neuropsychological evaluation to diagnose LD, Attention deficit Hyperactivity disorder and other issues that interfere with learning. The specialty clinic also provides remedial tutorial system for student suffering learning disorders.

The specialty clinic is open for seven days in a week and can have appointments by visiting the clinic, or by telephone or by Mail

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