About Us

Phapins Institute of Positive health and Psychological solutions is a non-profit charitable effort of youths and academicians and it is registered as a Non-Government Organization (NGO) based at Thrikaripppur, Kasargod district established in March 2007. We focus on social upliftment of the deprived sections of the society equipping them for excellence by providing state of the art education, training, counseling and other empowerment programmes. We strongly believe that robust health, peaceful mind  a good career makes man perfect and creating such role models in the society is the need of the hour. Phapins aims at molding a community living in fullness and tranquility, empowered to co-exist and emboldened to face the challenges of life.

We are living in a fast world where life is pushed to flux and flutter of crisis from all dimensions. Survival of the fastest is the new equation of life and hence individuals and families are grouping to find their anchor, goal, firmness etc. In this highly competitive scenario, Phapins tries to extend a ray of hope to bring social transformation through integrated personal development.

We focus on human resource management and it can be easily achieved by tuning and refining their potential to the right perspective with the help of the best available training and counseling programmes. We have conducted many social outreach programmes with an intension of social change focusing on the deprived sections of the society irrespective of their caste and religion. We believe that Education, Employment and Empowerment are the three main areas that can bring positive social transformation and all our programmes are perfectly tuned to satisfy the said objective.

We have successfully conducted several community outreach programmes at grass root level for women, adolescent children, scholastically challenged children, parents, couples, youths, social and community leaders. Phapins has registered as a society with register number: 23/2011 under society’s registration act of 1860 at Kasargod district registrar office...